Growing up everybody has their Hero's. As you pass through the stages of life some Hero's are added to your list while other seem to fade away. I have had many Hero's in my life but I can never be sure who was my very first, this will not be a problem for AJ. Age has found a very special someone who he really looks up to, it has become very apparent over the past few days that there is no one else he would rather be like than...ZOE! I swear I can't stop this kid from following her around, every minute he is not out on the deck with her, he is watching her play out the window. As you all saw from yesterdays post he had started to mimic her drinking habits and today he took it one step further. As Aaron and I made trips from the house to the trailer with our last remaining thing AJ & Zoe played in the yard. Well Zoe went in to her kennel to get her ball, which AJ saw and just couldn't help but try out....HE LOVE IT! It was so funny to see him in there with the door closed. I pulled him out (screaming and crying) and as soon as I let him go he was right back in there! Lol, what a little nut he is! My video is not working so I will have to try it tomorrow but here are some pictures.GET IN

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