"The Last Supper"

I know that everyone wishes that I would just move already so I could stop stressing about it via my blog but it is almost over, just 4 more days! Yesterday was a great day, we went to church, had a nap and then had a big family dinner. This family dinner was given the nick name of, "The Last Supper" which means it had to have all the best food. Mom picked the menu and together her and Dad pulled off a fantastic meal! We had Roast Beef, BBQ Corn on the Cob, Fresh Garlic mashed potato's, and carrots from the Hill's garden. It was so delicious!!! (look past Dust who is grumpy we aren' eating yet, to the delicious food!)Everyone was able to make it except for Jess, unfortunately he got called in to cover someone shift, sorry Jess you really missed out! Then we played "Like minds" it's one of our many board games, if you haven't played it I would defiantly recommends it! We kept it simple with Chocolate cake and ice cream but AJ wouldn't have it any other way. Dustin tried to sit on the floor and eat until AJ practically took over his plate!
Although we will all be together again at Christmas we were all a little sad for he evening to end. We have a family dinner at least once a month so 3 months seems like a long time to not get together, but I'm sure we'll adjust! After every one had gone it was time for Grandma to say her Good-byes to AJ. It was his bedtime and since she and Dad will be leaving at 4:00AM this would be her last chance to snuggle him up before we move. It was not easy to watch her give him one last kiss but I know that we will see her again soon, AJ was fine he thought it was just another goodnight kiss.
So Mom is off to Medicine Hat for the week, Dad will be travelling in between until he picks her up on Friday, at which time we will be on the road to Portland. For any of you who don't know my mom she is is just awesome. We are best friends and have the same sense of humor, she is defiantly one of the nicest people you will ever meet and she dose EVERYTHING for our Family! I am so proud of her and love her so much, I will be fasting all day for you Mom!!!! Good luck and I can't wait to come visit Wednesday before I move! Lots of Love and Best wishes.

Here's my boys maxin' and relaxin' at the family dinner, aren't they so good looking!?

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Jake & Kelsey said...

i love the pic of aj in the chair! so cute. and i love your mom too. i am not tired about the portland blogging, i just can't wait until you are actually there so i can hear all about it!!! good luck.