Dark Knight

Tonight we went out with our Friends Angi and Jeff, as well as my cosines Jay and his fiance Steph, and Josh with his wife to be Shayla. We went to see the Dark Knight which I was a little apprehensive about, it's no secret that I don't do well in scary movies. E.T. = 10 years of nightmares, need I say more. Anyways I have been wanting to see Dark Knight since it came out and so I deiced it was time, I loved it. What a great movie, it was well made, and there wasn't one swear or inappropriate scene in the whole movie. I thought that Heath Ledger did a great job of the Joker, but I didn't find it to be overly dark and Creepy. It was just like the comic book, Fabulous!
We went out for some cheesecake and spent some time catching up, isn't it funny how moving away makes you get together with people you haven't even seen in a while? Jay and Steph took off before we got out of our movie, they saw MAMA MIA, a must own in my opinion but they didn't seem to agree! Angi has always been one of my close friends but since she got married she has been in Arizona selling, I am so glad she got back in time to hang out. I will sure miss all my friend and family! Here is Josh passed out on Shayla, he just got back from Africa and was living on two hours sleep in like 36 hours or something crazy like that. Oh young love, he he.

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