Portland Blues

Today was cloudy and a little rainy, I guess you could say that after just 5 days Portland has gotten to us. We stayed at home almost the whole day with the Portland Blues! lol, we didn't really have the blues but we had to stay home and wait for the washer and Dryer to show up, which didn't happen till around 3:00. I have been really worried about my Grandma who is in the hospital right now (I will give you the whole story later) and also for my family. I want to be there with them to get through this crisis as I always have been, but that just isn't a possibility. So we stayed home and had a family day. It was nice to be together and enjoy our new home. Here are the boys playing a little guitar.

Dad always hogs the guitars, this is AJ giving him the "I could do better" look.

Here is my Sexy rock star husband, he gave it all up to live the simple life with me! he he he. I love this face though!

Me and Age reading his Nap time story, sometimes I ask Aaron to take our picture so I am in a few of the shots, and then this is the face I make! Nice


lynz said...

haha - i love that face! and i love that your got your hair all lookin cute for the portland blues day :) looks like fun with the guitarin boys!

Jake & Kelsey said...

ah... ticked! i was going to say the exact same thing... i love that your hair is all cute to stay at home! aj is so cute. i can't get over how big he is. sorry to hear about your grandma. i hope she's doing okay.

Nicole Wagner said...

You're so purdy. I want to hear Aaron play some time...I love guitar. I love music.