Charcoal Anyone?

Friday morning came faster than I wanted it to, I was up way to late and then way to early with antisipation. Everything was going according to plan Al & Lorraine were at work for the morning, we had pancakes, the suitcase was being organized, I thought, "good today is going to go smoothly!" It was abou that time AJ ame walking over to me coking on a mouth full of something and carrying and open Ibpropine bottle. Oh my gosh!!! I went into pankinc mode. I emptied his mouth as best I could, scooped him up, told Aaron to grab the diaper bag and ran for the truck. Of coarse the truck was alreafy hooked up to the U-Haul so we had to move the carseat to the van and head straight for emergancey. I am not sure that I have ever been that scared in my whole life, Aaron kept it together and got us to the hospital where they checked AJ over. He seemed fine but we had t feed him 45mls of Charcole and stay for 2 hours for observation. It broke my heart to see him drinking that charcoal but I feel so blessed that he was okay and that by noon we were back at the Poytress's house getting ready to leave for Portland!

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