Lorraine and I made pie after pie (4 apple, 5 pumpkin, and 2 Saskatoon!) while three generations of Poytress men completed the finish work in the Poytress house. Over the past few months they have done a major overhaul on the house and it looks beautiful. I don't have before pictures but I will see if they do so I can post them.
Grandpa Chuck, Al, and Aaron worked from 9:00 until 4:00 getting everything perfect and then passed out until people started showing up around 5:00.
EVERYONE was there, it was a great big Poytress Party. I haven't seen everyone in a while especially uncle T and Aunt Lynn. It was so great to see them and catch up. Unfortunately Jen, Blake, & the cute little Jayce couldn't make it but we get it, they have their own move in the works! Anyways it was a great time and as always it was hard to watch people go, knowing that we won't see them again till Christmas. The whole night was very surreal to me and I am still feeling like I will see them in a few weeks for a family dinner or something. I love the Poytress family they are so relaxed and as soon as your with them, your family! I have never felt unwelcome and over the past 4 years I have come to love them all so very much. Our good-byes were casual but heart felt and as I drove home that night couldn’t help having a little cry. Love you guys!

You know how bears eat a lot of food right before they start hibernating for the winter? Well that is kind of like what we are doing, we've had BBQ after BBQ and so many dinners out with our friends that I am sure I have gained a good 10 pounds. We'll see if the struggling life of students can help wear it off, lol. I am sure it's no surprise that yesterday we had a Massive BBQ at Al and Lorraine to say good-bye to our extended family. What a day. We left early to spend Saturday with the Poytress family, our time left in Canada is depleting fast and so we are trying to spend as much time with our families as possible!

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