Punch Bowl Falls

Growing up I was all about the outdoors. As soon as the summer hit I was barefoot and running wild until it was time to go back to school. We didn't camp, that would be my moms worst nightmare, but my Dad took us hiking and I always wanted a husband who love nature as much as I did. I remember seeing young couples hiking with their little baby in a carrier and thinking how cute that was, I would picture my husband doing the same thing. Well today that picture became a reality and although it might seem a little lame, I was loving every minute f these two hiking up to the falls.
As you can see we went for a hike today with 4 other couples and Dan. Dan was a lone wolf today because his wife wouldn't phone in sick, party pooper, but we were glad he still came anyways! We drove about 30 minutes out of Portland to the base of the hike and started in. Me and Aaron are a little out of shape but we didn't want to wuss out so we went anyways. The hike was about 4.5 miles round trip with an elevation of 500 feet. We went to check out the stream at the base of the hike and found these spawning Salmon, they swim up the stream to lay their eggs and spawn and then they die. This one still had some fight left in him!
We started out strong, visiting and getting to know everyone, but after about 30 minutes this quieted down a little. Here are some shots I took on the way up.

After 1 hour and 15 minutes we had made it!! I felt so proud of myself for not passing out, Hurray!!! Here are the falls, how do they look, familiar? These falls are in a church video so keep your eye out for them next time, and just think, "Lacey and Poy were there!" Anyways we stopped for lunch and to let the kids (and husbands) play for a while. It was Tom's 30th birthday today, whoo whoo, so he decide to celebrate by risking his life on this 60-70 Foot drop!!!!
It only took us 45 minutes to hike out since it was a lot more going down than up. We had a great time getting to know everyone and seeing a bit more of Portland. I know that I have put up way to many pictures for one post but here are a few more for our family's!


Lorraine said...

Wow, what a beautiful hike! Looks like you had a great day with Aaron, A.J. and your new friends. I would love to do that hike sometime. Thanks for posting all the wonderful pictures.

lorraine said...

Hey, I forgot to say how cute A.J. looks! I bet he loved the hike!

Nicole said...

DUDE!! I can't believe Tom jumped from that high.....what were you thinking? you want to be an accomplice to a suicide???
well, it loked like fun...sad I missed it....
next time.

lynz said...

nope - not too many pictures at all! i love them, and woohoo - i can't believe aj went poop on the potty!!!! that is soooo exciting, and the hike looks like it was lots of fun :) can't wait to get down there and go with you next time!

Jake & Kelsey said...

so beautiful! jealous. and there are never too many pictures!!! i love it.