Getting There

After our morning at the hospital it was time to get a move on. As always saying Good-bye to our family was not easy, we are going to miss them all so much but we KNOW THEY WILL COME VISIT US LOTS and that really helps. AJ slept for two and a half hours which is great for a car nap, he had his snack and read some books, I honestly couldn't believe how good he was. Te border was a breeze, our I-20's took about a half hour to process and the just took a quick glance in the trailers before sending us on our way. All that careful box labeling and they didn't even ask to see my master list of what we were bringing down. After all the work I put into it, I finally just gave it to him and said, "here's a list of what were are bringing" He glanced it over and said it was fine, I think he thought I was an idiot but I would have been livid if we left the boarder and no one had even seen it! We made our way down to Cour De'Laine, ha ha ha is that even close to how you spell it, where we went for a swim and then tucked in. When we are at hotels Age always sleeps in the bathroom, most are big enough to fit the playpen in and he sleeps so much better when he is in his own room. Plus the bathrooms are really dark so he sleeps longer. Don't knock it till ya try it! More later. love.

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