Working on it.

We had a great weekend and I am working on the post but I have to get some pictures from Al and Lorrains camera before I can post. This week I feel like I am in limbo. We still have 10 days before we move which means it is to early to start getting all our stuff at my parents packed up and organized. However I have been on the phone setting up our inernet, phone, energy, and clarifying things with the boarder that I just want to get this move over with! O the other hand I want this week to last FOREVER because my parents leave on Sunday and I most liky won't see them again untill Christmas!!!!! Oh hum. So this is just a blog about nothing, complaining and what not, here is a really cute picture of AJ to make up for it!

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Caylee Secretan said...

He is so cute Lacey! Good luck with the move, it will all soon be over and you'll be settling in down there!