Zoo Trip!

For the August long weekend we thought it might be fun to head up to the Calgary Zoo. We got up early so we could be ready and out the door by 7:30 (8:00 Mormon Standard Time!) AJ was a trooper all the way up, it was Aaron we had a little trouble with! After 2 and a half hours on the highway and 30 minutes in traffic we arrived! It was really exiting because this was Lyndsey and AJ's first time at the Zoo! (I know that Lyndsey is far to old to be having her first Zoo visit but it is something you will have to discuss with her Mom!) Anyways we wandered the Zoo for 3 hours be for we finally stopped for lunch, where we got our one and only Group shoot, SMILE! After another 3 hours of exploring the park it was time to get back in the car, which are feet were very grateful for! It was a lot of walking but so worth it. We saw the cutest little baby Giraffe and a teenage one that was running all over, hilarious they are so tall and awkward. The Hippos are my favorite animal in the world and of course I was not disappointed. Every time I see them I just fall more in love, they are just so dang cute. There was a baby Elephant, lots of birds to AJ's delight, new little gorilla (who's mother was dragging it around by it's leg! good thing we don't treat our babies like that, it's probably why they can't figure out the whole speech this, to many bums on the head as babies.) Anyways we had a great time, it was so nice that we could go with some of our family. I've added a few of my favorite pictures, and then a little slide show of the animals. here's AJ giving us his grow up face, I guess he wasn't impressed that we made him get back in the stroller.
After seeing this statue, I believe it is the East Indian God of Fertility but I could be Way of, we just new that we had to get a picture. What do ou think, did we pull of the pose?
It was a long day especially for our little boy, we tried putting him down in the stroller but this was about the extent of his nap. When its 30 degrees out you've got to give a big pat on the back to everyone who took a turn carrying him and his blanket!Although I have Lot's of really cute pictures of Dust and Lyndz I have chosen to post this one, displaying Dustin's first attempt at almost every picture. By the second click he gets serious but Lyndsey must have to delete alot of silly photos when they ae done their tips. That Silly thing dose NOT run in the family


lynz said...

yup - some really cute pics yo! i loved the zoo and i love our pictures :) now i just need to get them so i can do my blog!

Caylee Secretan said...

Very cute pics, looks like fun. AJ is so you Lacey, what a cutie patootie!