All Done with 357

Today was kind of bitter sweet for me. I am thrilled beyond belief to be done all my packing and cleaning at our old house but a little sad to close this chapter of life. Number 357 is the house Aaron and all his friends lived in while we dated. Our good friend Hutch got married 4 months before us, kicked all the boys out, here we are trying to fixed up the damage 7 sticky boys can do to a house, and then Aaron and I move in to the basement sweet. This is where we spent our first year of marriage and we love it. we had our first Christmas there (stop judging me I was 5 months pregnant!)
Then hutch and Kim sold the house and we move to the upstairs. That's when we meet our good friends JR and Tammy. So the up stair is were we welcomed home our precious little AJ!

Let last six months Dave, Dee, and Lauren have been in the basement and it has been great. We have gotten so close with them and it will be really hard not to have then just a flight of stairs away. This has has been a home to me for almost 3 years and Aaron's home for much longer, we really loved it and saying goodbye was not easy for me. It also seems to be my final good-bye to Lethbridge. I have lived here for the past 21 years and as we packed the final box I couldn't help but think that I will most likely never live here again. A big chapter is closing with this move but I am exited for the adventure that lies ahead! So one last time, Cheers to Lethbridge and 357!


Caylee Secretan said...

Ooooh! Portland will be gorgeous, and everyone will have to come visit you!!

Nicole Wagner said...

awwww....don't worry you will love POrtland...though it IS hard...I remember thinking..." I can't believe we're going to be living in the United States?!!"...and now it just feels like home:)