Young Womens Camp

Unfourtunatly I was not able to get out to all of Young Womens camp this year but the time I did spend there was a blast. After dropping AJ of at Grandma & Grandpa Poytress's house I was off to camp, of coaurse I got lost in the hills and ended up missing the horse back ride by about 10 minutes, but I did make it! We spent the day playing in the water, eating, chopping fire wood, digging our roast pit, and geting dinner ready. At the evening fireside the girls put on some pretty funny skits, as well as the leaders, then we ate cinnimon apples, banking with Honey butter, starburst, and Smores. I think I gained about 5 pounds!!!! Anyways we had a really great time with the girls getting to know them better and the are a steller bunch of young women, what a blessing it has been to work with them.

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