Crazy July 1st

6:30 Dave, Poy, and Rod were able to golf the back nine at Henderson before it got to busy, unfortunately for Aaron and Dave egos Ron schooled 'em!

8:30 Pancakes and Five alive for us at home. The kids ate more pancakes than Dee and I could and then the boys came home and finished them off.

10:15 All right we were a little late but we made it to the Raymond parade, and since it was late getting started we didn't miss a thing!

12:30 Home for Lunch, Nap's, and the best surprise. While Dee and I took the kids to the parade the boys cleaned the whole house and cut the lawn. Aaron scrubbed the floor, vacuumed, did all the Landry, and got everything perfect for when our BBQ later on. He is my hero and I just love him!!!!

1:00 Here comes the rain! After a very humid morning we thought we might get a little rain but we didn't have a clue what we were in for! It rained hard for about 40 minutes and then continued to shower for another hour. Talk about your flash floods! There was water everywhere, the drains just couldn't keep up. Once it calmed down a bit we ventured out to see just how much water had fallen and this is what we found....

2:00 So Here we are making Lemon aid with what may have seemed to be lemons! The water was actually really warm and the kids were loving it. We played in this little pool which is usually just a grassy Field for about 45 minuets before AJ's quivering lip convinced us to get to a warm tub.

4:00 The boys almost gave up on the dream og Canada Day wiffle ball but after all that fun out in the water the decided that getting a little wet was no reason to call off their game. I was to busy staying dry to go get any pictures but the played for just over an hour and had a great time

6:30 Everyone met back here for a BBQ and my home made Cinnamon buns. They turned out better then ever and I was so happy!

Hope all of you had a great Canada Day and from all of us drowned rats here in Lethbridge, HAPPY CANADA DAY!!!!!

(Cheryl Gunderson, Bella Gunderson, Lacey Poytress)

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The Evansons' said...

Holy RAIN! I heard that it rained alot in Lethbridge, but I didn't think it was that much!! WOW! Happy Canada Day Poys, from the Dry Rats in Taber!!!