Portland and More

Portland was amazing! This trip made me see how lucky we are to be moving to such a beautiful place but I have to admit I was a little nervous to see just how far away it was. I definatly won't be heading home on the weekends!
We started out bright and early Friday morning. The men made sure to show us the tricky parts on the map and what to watch out for.
"The rittzvil turn off it very important if you miss it you will end up way downtown and lost. So make sure you watch the signs!"
Well we missed that turn in Ritzvill, ifact we missed ritzvill all together! Opps!
However PAHA came to our rescue and took us right back to our main highway, just a 15minute detour.
The drive was really easy and there was so many beautiful things to look at, it didn't feel like we were in the car for 12 hours. we went from praries to hills to mountains and eventually the coast and crossed a few major Bridges on our way. As many of you may know I am terrified of bridges so I wasn't to exited when I saw this little one ahead of me!

We checked in to our hotel around 8:00 and walked across the street to Red Robins. I know that you are all probably jelous, and you should be the Burgers were delicious!!!! Saterday morning we were off to find a place to live. It was really hard to find for rent signs near the school but when we moved a little further away we found a lot of apartment buildings with vaccanceise. Some were pretty scary but we finally found one that seemed perfect! We filled out the paper work and left feeling on top of the world, WE FOUND IT! Since we had completed the task we came to do we decided to reward ourselves with a few hours at the most amazing outlet mall ever! !

Getting there took a little work, downtown Lethbridge isn't quite as complet as downtown Portland but together we able to navagate our way through. Honnestly it's hard to belive that I am going to be living here in just six weeks. I thought Lethbridges was a pretty good size place but Portland has proven me wrong. I wounder what it will be like to move from Portland back to Fort Macleod!?!? After a long day on our feel we went back to the Hotel to get some rest and watch Desperado on T.V., what a wierd show that was! Sunday morning we went to check out our new ward, it's always interesting to see what your new ward dynamic is like. I have never in my life seen so many children in one ward befor. There were some Young Men and Young Women but there we tonz of primary children and toddlers. We counted 20 kids in the nursary and saw at least 6 babies to young to be in yet, wow! I don't think AJ will have a hard time finding someone to play with. After sacrament metting Nicole and Steve Wagner introduced themselves and honnestly they must have been inspired becaues they have been the biggest help! Steve entering his last year at WSCC so they have already been down there for a while, the best part is the're from Vancover so they have already been through everything we are struggling to figure out now! Nicole gave me a lot of good information on Health Care, moving, and where to live. We went straight from church iver to their Apartmant complex to see if there were any openings. At first it seemed like everyhing was booked but after dropping Nicole and Steve's names something quickly came available. Their recommendation made all the diffrence! We are going to have to make them dinner or something when we get down there. Since there were no empty apartments at the moment Nicole let us go take a look at heres. I am not going to post the pictures of her home on here but I will get some pictures as soon as I can! It's a two bedroom, one bathroom apartment with a DISHWASHER!!!!! We have to buy a washer and dryer but thats no big deal. The comunity is gated and has it's own Pool, weight room, sauna, and study room for the 10 WSCC students who live their. Steven said they all car pool to school so the wives can have cars at home. It just felt so right!

It was relly hot out that day, perfect for checking out the coast right? WRONG! We drove two and a half hours with our swimsuits on and our towles and books ready to relax on the beach but when we got out of the car it was frezzing! No one told s that when it's hot in land it's usually pretty chilly on the coast. So here are some shoots from our day at the beach, plase note peoples etire, shouldn't it be warmer in the middle of July!

After 6 hours of driving we got back to our Hotel and got into our stainless steel hot tub. we felt like we were in a roasting pot, but it was awsome!

Over the next two days we made our way home and boy did it feel good to see my boys again!

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Jake & Kelsey said...

i'm so glad everything went well. i couldn't be more excited for you! it will be such an adventure, but so fun. let me know how the move goes!!! good luck.