Light 'Em Up!

As many of you know this weekend is Street Wheelers or street machine weekend. Every year people from all over canada and I am sure a few from close states bring out their hot rods and muscle cars to show them off. It all starts on friday night with the street show. Everyone gets out their lawn chairs and watches the cars cruse up and down 3rd Ave. Even though it dosen't start till 7:00 we like to get there around 6:00 to ensure we have a great spot. We talked about cars from last year whie eating our pizza, and then the fun started.
There we quite a few new cars out this year, and ofcoarse all the regulars. We had a great time whatching them all go by. The police are pretty involved now so they can't do any burn outs or anything but we'll get to see all that today at the dash. AJ had a great time! I can't belive how much he love it. He would poind at all the diffrent cars as they drove by but his favorite by far where the bikes. He would OHHHH everytime one came by and then clap for them. Ofcourse we will have to convert him to Corvetts but for this year being a bike fan was fine.
Here's Dad taching AJ how to light 'Em Up

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