Kalispell Weekend

Sorry that I wasn't able to blog while I was away but I was to busy and far to tired!!! So on Saturday morning we packed the Truck and followed Mom & Dad (who had picked up Dust and Lyndz) Down to Kalispel. The roads where packed with people trying to get out of town for the weekend but eventually we made it to our first stop, West Glacier. Oddly enough we spent most of the time in the Alberta visitors center looking at all the things we were missing out on back home, he he!

Once we had enough of that we were back on the road. It was only about 30 minutes from our hotel so AJ was able to stay awake. This trip has been a while in the making, but we we sure that after booking our rooms 3 months in advance they would be side by side, alas we where 8 rooms and 2 floors apart! Oh well. It was a really nice hotel and we were just happy to be all check in. We spent the weekend relaxing, playing games and doing all the things we love the best such as.....

Eat at all the best places we could find: Famous Daves BBQ, Bajio, Loula's, yummie!

We went to this amazing lake in the heart of Kalisplell which has tonz on diffrent birds to see and feed, but we got there to late and really just ended up feeding the mosquitos! *SAD* However Aaron did decide to get out a few geese which turned ito a lot of geese chasing him around the car. We were laughing so hard we had tears streaming don our faces, thanks Poy!


Al I hate to be the bearer of bad news but your son was not on his best behaviour down there, in fact he bet all our spending money on one hand, seven deuce not the winner. Just kidding!
And then of couse it just wouldn't be a real vacation if the boy's didn't do a little golfing. The got up Monday morning at 6:30 to make an 8:00 Tee time in West glacier. It was suppose to be really hot out but they beat the heat and had a great time. This was Dad's first time golfing in about four years but the boys said he was still able to hold his own, mostly! he he, good job Dad!
We had the best time in Kalispell! It is going to be a tradition that we stick to, I remember going with our family when I was young and I loved it! Thanks for the best trip family we love you!

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