Sun Babies!

Well the good weather has only been here for a few weeks but it has already become crystal clea that AJ is an outdoors kind of guy. He just loves being at the pool, playing in the backyard, out for walks to the park, or just hanging out on the deck with Lauren in our little pool. When we are inside he brings me the keys and says "Car, CAR!!" or gose to the back door, dangs on the window and says, "Go, Go!" It is really funny. All that time outside really makes for a good nights rest and longer naps, which I have no complaints about. Yesterday morning we took the kids to the spray park. It is just a great place to go in the summer and the kids really love it. Unfortunatly there we about a hundred grade 3 kids there on a school trip but the kids didn't really even notice! Here the kids are later that afternoon playing out in the pool. They were out there for about an hour and a half (don't worrie Grandmas I made sure to slather him in lots of SPF 50 befor and while we were out there!) and then came in for some dinner.

Oh yeah and I finally found something that will hold AJ's hair if I spike it, so here it is!

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