Wet and Wild

On friday we decided to take a trip to the SunSplash Waterpark. I thought it would be better to go on friday because it would be way busier if we went on saturday. Boy was I wrong! We showed up to the park around 10:30am and it was already packed with hundreds of kids running around everywhere. Luckily for us we found a secluded picnic area that was surrounded by these tall bushes where no one was sitting, so we set up camp there. It was like our own private area, it was awesome. Anyways, it was really busy so we only went on a couple of the slides. Lacey and I went on this tube slide that went up and down, it was pretty cool. AJ had a blast in the kids pool, and floating down the lazy river. He also had a long nap in his little tent. We spent most of our time sun tanning, and by the mid afternoon we were all pretty crispy, so we decided to head home. After cooling off at home, we went out to eat at BJ's restaurant, which was delicious, and then went to Cold Stone for some ice cream.
On saturday morning AJ woke up nice and early, so Grandpa and myself took him for a walk. Grandpa found some baby killdeer down by the lake, so we went out to take some pictures of them. The babies couldn't fly yet, so when we got close to them, they would lie down and hide in the grass. Grandpa found one and showed him to AJ. We continued our walk around the lake but I guess AJ was still a little tired and he fell back asleep. After he woke up from his nap, we all went to the mall to go shopping. Mom and Grandma could have shopped all day, but mine and Grandpa's feet were getting too sore, so we decided to go home. That night we went out to dinner at the Bonefish Grill, and it was pretty good too. Not as good as Famous Dave's, though! Mmmmm Mmmmm, I can't wait to eat there again!P.S. Here's those golf pictures I promised, Dad this was Dad's amazing 60 foot puttg

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