More from toasty Arizona

Those are real zebra coats, it was kind of gross to sit on, the couch felt like a horse, yuck!

Today the boy's were up and on the golf course for a 6:20 tee time. Since it was Levi's last day in Arizona they picked him up and he went with them as well. Dad won by one stroke but they all had a great time.(They got some great pictures that I will post tomorrow) Us girls spent the morning reading, sun bathing, playing with AJ, and swimming in the pool. AJ has developed a pretty nasty cold so he has been sleeping a lot over the past few day but when he's up he loves to spent time in his little tent out by the pool. He thinks he's such a big boy with his own little tent.

This afternoon we went back to the Bass shop and took some pictures. It really is a cool place even if you don't like to hunt or fish. They Have hundreds of stuffed animals, they are literally everywhere. We thought AJ might have a dirty diaper but he tried to convince us otherwise.
Anyways we had a blast and are really enjoying our time down here. We found this great BBQ place to eat at tonight called Dave's BBQ. All I can say is.... Delicious! We've got another busy day tomorrow so I better be off to bed, Love to all our Family can't wait to see you next week!

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