We made it!

This morning we got up at 2:00 and made are way up to Calgary to fly out. It was really early but we had that vacation rush, we were at the airport before we knew it. AJ did great, sleeping all the way to Calgary, and then having breakfast and play time at the airport.
AJ couldn't get enough of looking out the window, he was SO interested in everything that was going on. He didn't sleep much, which was a little disheartening but we made it with only about 15 minutes of freaking out. Cindy and Alaina didn't know we were coming on vacation with them, we ran to their gate so surprise them but they were already on their way to claim their bags. We ran into them just outside the washrooms, Alaina was like "Lacey? what are you doing here? Are you guys the surprise?" So we are here safe, sound, and exhausted! It is 3:30 our time and still no nap. Hope everything is great back home, Love!

P.S. In a desperate attempt to stop AJ's screaming we gave him a Kit Kat stick, this is the result.

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lynz said...

hey lovely! i'm so glad to see that you guys made it there safe and sound :) i can just see the look on alaina's face when she saw you guys too - so fun! how was cindy with the whole surprise? well, i just hope that you're having a blast, and i love the kit kat idea with aje! i just wanted to call you tonight, but you're not home :( i'm glad you posted though and we miss you guys and hope you have a good night and a great day tomorrow in arizona!!!