Singing in the Rain

The May long weekend is said to be the best time to plant your garden and this year it worked out perfectly. Last weekend was full of inspiring sunshine, and to reward all those hard working gardeners the Lord has sent us 80mm of rain over the past three days, can you believe it, 80mm! We've been thinking of this week as a weather boot camp in preparation for our move to Oregon. Grandpa & Grandma Peterson got AJ this new rain jacket for when we move but this week has been great trial run. He really should have pants and gumboots too but he wanted to go outside so bad I just had to take him. I think the look on his face says it all, he's ready for whatever Portland has to throw at him!
It's also been a big week for Dustin and Lyndsey. As of last Tuesday, Lyndz was 11 weeks pregnant and we are officially allowed to share the news. I am going to be an Aunt, Hurray!!!!! She's not showing just yet but we should have a cute little baby belly popping out in the next few weeks. Her due date is December 8th and I was a little bummed that I will be living 12 hours away from my first little niece or nephew. On Wednesday afternoon we walked over to visit Dustin, he was so bored not working in all this rain. When we got there he asked me if I had seen anything in the mailbox so I ran out to check, and there it was......
His acceptance letter to Chiropractic College in Portland Oregon!!!!!!
Congratulations Dustin! You worked so hard and now me and Lyndsey get to be school buddies. So as you can seen I'll actually be living closer to them and their new little baby than anyone else, yippee.

To celebrate the boys being accepted at WSCC and almost done at U of L Mom and Dad took us all out for a nice dinner at the Keg last night. The food was so good, I wish I had remembered my camera, oh well next time I guess. AJ was at the Ott's house so we were all able to relax and enjoy each others company. Everyone missed him but sometimes you just gotta have a night for just the adults. We really appreciate everything our parents do for us, it's going to be so hard to live so far away!


Jake said...

i didn't know dustin was going to chiropractic school too! that is so fun for you!!! and me, because it's only five hours away and i'm already planning a trip for when you live there!!!
p.s. when did aj get so big? gosh..

Jake said...

oh and that was kelsey.. for the love. jake is always signed in!!!