May Long

This year Aaron and I spent May long weekend with no less than 1100 miles between us, very sad. Thursday afternoon Aaron and his Dad packed up the Corvett and made their way down to Portland Oregon, soon to be home sweet home! They had a great time exploring WSCC's campus, looking for a house to buy, and of course site seeing! Aaron loved Oregon and can't wait to show AJ and I all the fun stuff to do and see.

I was so glad to hear that Aarons weekend was so much fun, mine on the other hand was a little tuffer. Just after Aaron left AJ got sick all over the back seat! He has never done anything like that befor, it was so gross and so sad. I can't belive how much it breaks your heart to see your little one sick. I turned the car around and went back to the Poytress's to get things under control but with no one to help it was a little overwhelming!

I spent the rest of the weekend in Stirling at Mom & Dad's. AJ really wasn't feeling well with the heat and about 6 little teeth trying working their way out, but with my parents help we made it through. We went on lots of walks, a few drives, and I got to sleep in till 8:00, Yippie!!!! It was a long weekend but we loved being out in Stirling with Grandma and Grandpa Peterson, Without them I don't know what I would have done.

On Monday afternoon Aaron came home, never have a been so happy to see him. I know that it was only 4 nights and 5 days but it felt like FOREVER. Without Poy things just aren't the same around here. Love ya Babe!

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