Work? What Work?

After 7 weeks of full time work I am once again a stay at home mom, Yippie! Since I will not be able to work while we are living in the states I though it might be fun go back until we move in September. As it turns out I was wrong. It was really hard the first few days because I had never left AJ with anyone for a whole day before. He was also learning so many new things all I could think about during my shift was what I might be missing at home! After a few weeks it got easier to get through my shifts but things at home were only getting worse. AJ was catching on to the fact that I was always sneaking out so every time I put on a hoodie or picked up the keys he would start crying and cling to me for the next hour. I felt so bad to see him upset especially since it wasn't really important that I was back at work. I mean you can always use more money but we would be fine without the pay cheques. After going to the Temple and being overwhelmed with the feeling that I should be at home with my son, I put in my notice, and here we are. I will miss working with AJ, Megan, and Kenny they were such a fun work crew and we always had the best shifts but after 3 years it is finally time to say good-bye to West 49, cheers!
(AJ's 27 and he still can't just smile for a picture!)

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lynz said...

now...i just know you wanted a comment, so here ya go! i love that you're done work and that i no longer have to visit you there :) we can go there if you want, but we don't have to - woohoo! hope you're having another great day off and send me that recipe when you get a sec or you can just call me too - thanks!