Turning 24

This is the first year that I have successful celebrated my birthday ALL WEEK LONG! I have always thought that birthdays should be a week long event, a view I inherited from my mother. Although this is fairly unrealistic I still try for it every year. Some how I did manage to get 5 different birthday celebrations this year and here's how they went:

Tuesday April 22nd
Dave and Deanna had us over for an early birthday dinner since on my actual birthday they would be in Paris. We had the most delicious lasagna, cheese toast, and Caesar salad followed with death by chocolate! Dinner was just our two families and then Dustin & Lyndsey came over for cake. Dee surprised my with the biggest cookie sheet I have ever seen, it will fit 40 buns on it at one time, and can just squeeze into my oven, it's awesome!

Friday April 25th
We got a sitter for AJ and went out for dinner with Toad & Chuck and Dustin & Lyndz. We went to the Cheesecake Cafe and ended up waiting for an hour before being seated. The manager felt so bad she gave us two free appetizers, so it was totally worth it! We enjoyed the fantastic food and we visited and then decided to come back here to play games. We played Catch Phrase music edition, the boys won the first round (cheaters) and the girls swept the second. Overall a great friday night!

Sunday April 27th
Aaron started my birthday off right with an extra fluffy pancake breakfast. He let me have the biggest one and did all the dishes after! My hubby is the sweetest. After church we celebrated Amber's and my birthdays with a roast beef dinner & skor cake. We even let AJ have half a piece of cake! Grandma Poytress really spoiled us, dinner was amazing. We spent the afternoon relaxing, visiting, and watching AJ explore. At 8:00 Dust and Lyndz came over to play games and eat all the snacks Lyndz had made. She must have been baking all day! We played the train game and stock ticker and ate more sweets than anyone should. A perfect end to a perfect day!

My last birthday dinner is next Sunday at Mom and Dad's house, it will be ham and funeral potatoes, my favorite! Thanks to every one for making my birthday into a birthweek, it was one of the best!

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