Back to the good Life

Despite the wind and rain it has been a fantastic week. It may sound crazy, but after 8 weeks on the job I was a little nervous to be back at home. AJ is so full of energy and likes to be busy, how did I ever keep him entertained? But being a mom is like riding a bike, and I am back at home at loving every minute of it. On Monday we went swimming in the morning and then out to the park in the afternoon. We met up with my friend Kathy who I haven't seen since high school. What a blast! She is living in Portland right now and says that it is the most amazing place to live, so of course I am ever more excited about September's big move!
Every Tuesday for the past month or so my Dad Steele has been flying down from Edmonton for work and a massage (don't ask!). It's really weird to see him for one full day every week, but we are loving it! Now AJ recognizes him as one of his many grandpas. We pick him up and drive him where he needs to go, stopping for lunch, dinner, and naps along the way. Here's Grandpa and AJ reading a naptime story. Since Dave and Deanna are back from Paris we spent the next few days going to the park and hanging ot with them. On Thursday night, Toad and Chuck came over to watch Lost and The Office. I can't believe Lost, AHHHH!! Anyways I am overjoyed to be done working and back to being a stay-at-home mother and wife to the handsome men in my life. This weekend is our friend Hutch Orr's 30th birthday, so we are getting ready for a big BBQ this afternoon. We are expecting around 25 people so it should be a blast! I'll post pictures from the party in a few days. Happy Mother's Day to all of you mothers, enjoy it!

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