Weekend Off

This was a busy weekend for us, but so much fun. On Friday, Dust & Lyndz came over to hang out and have a BBQ since it was so gorgeous out. We ate hamburgers and hot dogs on the deck and AJ discovered the dogs next door. Dustin must have sat there with him for 20 minutes trying to teach AJ to bark like the dogs, but no luck!

Later that evening, Mike and Brittany came over to play games. It has been too long since we have hung out with them, it's funny how the time flies by when you both have kids. Anyways, Brittany is due in 3 weeks, but we took pictures last night becaues she feels ready to pop at any minute. I remeber looking and feeling like that. It made me realize the physical sacrifices our mothers go through to get us here, we really do owe them so much. THANKS MOM!
Saturday was another beautiful day. We dropped AJ off for his first ever sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa Peterson's around 1:00, and then headed to the Temple. Aaron's cousin Amanda was getting married and since gas is $1.25/L, we thought we would get a session in while we were out there. We had such a relaxing and peaceful day, it's unfailing, the Temple always gives you that overwhelming calm and peace. The Bride and Groom looked happier than ever and we were able to see most of the Dye family, which dosen't happen very often. It's was nice to catch up.
After an unusually quiet sunday morning and Church meetings it was time for my last birthday dinner of the year. Mom made all my favorites: ham, funeral potatoes, corn, and no-bake cheesecake! Delicious! When we got there AJ was down for a nap and didn't get up for a whole hour. We had to at least go peak in on him, it's crazy how much you can miss your little ones after only one day!
All in all it was a really fun weekend.

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