My Sweeties!

Hutch's birthday party was a hit! The weather smartened up for the day and we were able to BBQ burgers and smokies. Everyone visited while the kids played and then we got it in our minds to try and take some pictures before the kids went to bed. These are basically AJ's only and best friends so far! Lauren is the cutie with all the hair. Her and her parents (Dave & Deanna) live in the basement and everytime she gets up from her nap she says, "AJ? AJ?" They love to play together and do so almost everyday! Next is Jordan, her parents are Mike & Britt and they babysat AJ during that ridicullas phase when I was working!Jordan loves to take care of AJ. When he is sad she will find his favorite blanket and bring it to him, so cute! Last but certainly not least is Hayden. He is younger than AJ but certainly not smaller! He is 6 pounds heavier and 4 inches taller. When these two boys get together Hayden uses AJ as a prop to help him stand up and AJ steals Haydens toys and then just walks away!Anyways, we put the kids to bed and played games till 12:00 when we could no longer stay awake, it was a great night!
Mother's Day was such a blast! After sleeping in untill 8:OO I woke up to the smell of bacon and really what better way to be woken up!?!? Aaron and AJ we hard at work getting a generous breakfast for us to share. It tasted even better than it looked! Each night I wake Aaron up two or three time to tell me what time it is because I can't read the clock without my contacts and so for mother's day he got me a new alarm clock with the "Super Big" display. The numbers are like and inch and a half tall, I was laughing so hard! He is such a sweetie. Little AJ gave me all the slimy kisses I could handle and was so cute all day. We went to Grandma and Grandpa Poytress's house on the Northside for a big family dinner, where all the women were forced to wear spring hats. It was really fun but I forgot my camera, when I get a copy of the pictures I will post them.

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