Busy, Busy.

AJ must still be on Alberta time because he was up this morning at 4:50 and going back to bed just didn't seem to be an option. He and I went out for a 45 minute walk around the complex which is so beautiful. The grounds people keep it so clean no wounder there who about a hundred people jogging around here! The boys spent the morning golfing (18 hole, 4 hours, 85 degrees, and 2 Californians sounds like a party!) while the rest of us took a stroll in the park and a dip in the pool. AJ napped for 3 hours today which was so nice, by 11:00 I was so tired I joined him for 2 hours, it felt so good! We spent this afternoon shopping at Target, Costco, a really horrible outlet store which will be going under any day now, and this really cool store called Bass Pro Sports - Outdoor world. It may sound lame but it was so cool! They must have had over 1000 stuffed animals in there, a climbing wall, a stream you can fish in, shooting range NAS Car simulator, it was really cool but we didn't have our camera so we are going to go back another day. Dinner was a Delicious meal at Logans Roadhouse, AJ love that he could throw the peanut shells on the floor and not get in trouble for it. Right now the Tolmans are down at the pool, AJ's asleep, and Aaron and I are just relaxing, who new vacations could be so exhausting!Sorry no pictures today but I will post lots tomorrow!

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