A 26 you old Toad!

It is true, today Toad turned 26 years old!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! After a 4 hour round of golf this morning everyone got together to celebrate this special day with cake, ice cream, fruit salad, and cup cakes. The food was great but the best part was the gift. We have had Thomasa's birthday present sitting in our closet for months. In fact we have had it so long we almost forgot to give it to him. Any way's when he first started opening it he was pretty confused,

But confusion turned into pure joy when we finally got it all assembled, Yippie.

This is a lamp that we got at my store two years ago a special give away, but we forgot to give it away. So now it belongs to our good friend Toad, we hope you think of us when you every time you turn it on and she starts to dance. We hope your 26th year is full of fun times, Happy Birthday!

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