Spray Park

Summer is in full swing here in Lethbridge and AJ just can't seem to get enough. This morning we got up and got ready for a day at the spray park. I packed a lunch of watermelon, raisins, yogurt, and milk grabbed the blanket and we were on our way. We went with Dee, Lauren, Brit, Jordan, and baby Sadie, at just 17 days old I am sure she was the youngest one there. The water was extremely cold but since it was already 24 degrees at 10:30 the kids didn't really seem to mind. Age played so hard that when we finally got home for his nap at 1:30 he slept for 3 and a half hours! I couldn't believe it, that is an hour longer than usual! Maybe we should go to the spray park every day. Anyways I hope you love the photo's I just love how he looks in his little swimming shorts!

Okay so I couldn't get the pictures of Dee's SD card for some reason so here are some spray pary pictures form today!

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