reality check

This Past weekend we made our last road trip up to Edmonton before we leave for Portland. Thursday after work our little family, along with Dusting and Lyndsey packed up the blazer and made our way a little farther north. It was a quick trip but fully loaded and well worth the long drive (lol, I guess the ride to Edmonton is nothing compared to Portland!) We spent the weekend shopping, golfing, eating, playing games, spray parking it, and relaxing. I don't know if any of yo have ever played "Dice" where you roll six dice and try to get 5's, 1's, and triples?? but it is SO fun and I am more than willing to play with anyone, anytime! Dad and Cindy are just about finished the landscaping in their yard, it has been a lot longer than they were expecting but the results are beautiful. The back is all done and we spent every night enjoying it. We had a weenie roast in the pit and some delicious hickory smoked ribs on dads new outdoor grill. It's quite the setup! Although I will be back in Edmonton in early October, I won't see much of Dad and Cindy as they will be off on their 15 year anniversary get away and I will be babysitting Alaina. This trip was a bit of an eye opener for me.

Today is the 11th of AUGUST, that's right just 39 days till we say good-bye to Canada for the next 4 years. I have been so busy packing, planning, and organizing that I haven't really had time to take a step back and realize that this "Portland life" is all about to become a reality. We have taken our last trip to Edmonton, Said our good-bys to the House, and now we are living with my parents which is a constant reminder that our stay here is temporary. I feel very bless that Aaron is pursuing Chiropractics, and that he will be attending a school relatively close to home. Everything along the way had fallen into place and I know that this is the right choice for our family. BUT... I am a tiny bit sad to see our comfortable little life here in southern Alberta slipping through our fingers into the past. I am starting to realizes just how amazing things have been since we got married and wondering how I will ever find my groove in Portland. We will miss all our wonderful friends, the parties and play dates, Sunday dinners with our close knit families, Drop in visited from Grandpa, and Lunch's with Mom. Our wonderful ward, Wednesday night Hockey, and of course MY Safeway (the only grocery store I have ever liked.) I know that this realization should have come long ago but as the days fly by I almost missed that fact that this is for realz!


Jake & Kelsey said...

moving is scary hey? but i know you'll just love it. i love new adventures, and i am so excited for you. besides, if all else fails, at least you have aj to keep you company! that's what i think... i'll always have norah now to play with if i don't make friends! ha. good luck with everything. i can't wait to hear how it goes.

lynz said...

yay - you got a comment! your little blog just made me a little sad and brought the reality check to me too that my every day seeing or talking to friend is gonna be 12 hours away :(
i know you'll do great though lace! you are amazing at making friends and at putting yourself out there and trying new things - like new grocery stores - and we will be there in no time! just don't think too far ahead and enjoy the time you have left here! it makes you thankful for growing up in such a great place eh?!?
love ya!

Caylee Secretan said...

It will be great and from what I've heard Portland is beautiful!! You'll make friends wherever you go and like Kels said you have AJ to be your buddy until you do!! It's quite the adventure. ;)

The Poytress Family said...

Thanks for all your support girls! You maybe hearing more and more from me if I don't find a new friend to chat with quick! Loving your blogs keep up the good work.