Murder Mystery Party!

I have never really been that into Halloween but this year I thought I would try to get into the spirit of things by throwing a Murder Mystery party. The game I chose was set in 1961, the richest Man in the world was hosting a party for the current celebrates. It was hard to chose who to invite and what characters would be best suited for everyone but after hours of ponder I figured it out!

I worked for a few weeks to get ever thing in organized and perfect for the big night. I wanted it to be perfect so I tried to go the extra Mile, here are the clue books with every ones pictures and all the stuff you need to get the party started.
Lyndz and Bex came over to the church to help me set up in the early afternoon and then it was time to party! One of the most important parts of this game is knowing your character and sticking to it. Everyone got their profiles a week or two in advance and it went perfect. I couldn't believe how in character people really where. Here is Dr.Vigial giving his full medical/forensic results after his investigation.I was to busy hosting the party and gathering clues to take a lot of candid pictures but here's a few of the gang working hard to uncover the Murderer.

The food was so delicious, I couldn't get enough. Another fun thing I thought we could do was have Steve set up his camera in a separate room where people could go take their pictures. Steve thought it was a great idea and set the whole thing up with a remote and time, which made it so much fun. He also turned of his display so no one could see any of the pictures...UNTIL NOW! Every one has been waiting for these so I am going to post quite a few, I know all the guests are dying to see them!

Although Fred and Ginger where on the outs during the particular party they just couldn't seem to keep their hands to themselves!
Rita Hayward (the princess)and Charlie Chaplin.
It was really hard to get a great shot of all of us at the same time, but I look great in this one so SORRY LADIES! ha ha ha.Love this pictures Janice and Dr.V where so into it.Groucho finally picked up a classy lasy when he swept Twiggy off her feet!I guess I missed the memo on character face for this picture, oh well they both look so cute!
Signature Twiggy.
Oh Princess Rita!
by the end of the night Groucho was wearing a little thin.
Judy Garlin and Bob Marly, make love not war. Janice Joplin in cahoots with the authorities, that is suspicious! Marylin was with a new man every time I turned around, here we happened to catch her with Elvis. ;)
The DukeHe just wouldn't take no for an answer. I don think Lucy was complaining.The men had a harder time squezzing into the shot then the women, All I see is Bruce Lee's ear.You two again!?! I am pretty sure they ended up going home together. ;)For all you Canadians back home here's a few familiar faces for ya. Dustin should be yellow and Aaron Black but they both turned out kinda Orange!

Jimmy Hendrix, Audrey Hepburn, Officer Pamala, and Bruce Lee

Thanks to everyone for making this party a blast. I will be bringing the pictures on a disk around to every one in the next day or two. Oh and if you leave a comment don't reveal who the Murderer is incase we play it with another group or if someone wants to borrow it. KEEP THE MURDERER A SECRET!!!


Holly Lujan said...

Thanks Lace for all your planning and preparation. It was SO much fun and I think we need to do it again soon! I loved how everyone got so into their characters and did such an amazing job with their costumes.

Daya said...

It was such a blast Lacey!!! I am so glad I was able to make even if I was solo. SO MUCH FUN!!!

Lee and Valerie Gunther said...

Thanks for planning and hosting such a fun party!! It was very memorable, and the pictures are awesome too!

Sabrina said...

It was a great night, even if I was the girl who doesn't always brush her hair! Thanks for all the hard work, you ROCK!

Nicole Wagner said...

did you purposely exclude me from your photos?;)

Nicole said...

Oh...there we go....we DID attend the party afterall! neat.
It was alot of fun and you did a great job organizing.

Julie said...

I can't get over how awesome everyone's costumes were. Love the pics!

Linds said...

I am SO JEALOUS!! Not only di I LOVE murder mystery parties (done a million of them, I seriously love them) but you also got to do it with my favorite people. I am green, green, green with envy!

Nachelle said...

LOVE the pictures!! Thank you so much for planning and hosting this party Lacey, it was so much fun!!

Jeff and Amy said...

Looks like you guys had a ton of fun! I'm kinda bummed we didn't get to be a part of it, but I know you only had room for a certain amount of people. Maybe next time. Nice pics!