Guess we aren't going to make it to costco!

when we go out to do our errands one of AJ's favorite things about riding in the Tolmans car is singing along to all the songs from Mama Mia. I know it sound funny but he loves it (much to his father and grandfathers dismay!) some days he gets pretty into it and other days it's more mellow, but today he was having a blast! He got a little shy in front of the camera but you get the idea.

Isn't he cute???? Well those are the moments I have to hold on to when just 15 minutes later this happened.

He was being really good so I told him he could get a new hot wheels but then when we were trying on shoes Beckem fell over and started to cry.

"He not fall Mom, I push him."
"You bumped him by accident and he fell?"
"No I not bump him I push him. I being mean!"
"Doesn't it make you sad when becks is sad?"
"No I not care."

And so I had to take the car away resulting in the video above, oh boy!


Daya said...

OH MY!!! Don't you love those days? I am being way sarcastic. WAY sarcastic. Those days make me want to find a hole to move into!

lynz said...

hold on.....am i missing something?!?! where's the freaking out video? i'm just so glad that i got to see this singing mamma mia lover cute as can be and then this freaking out crazy man a few minutes later. so fun to be a mom sometimes but even more fun to be the aunt :)

ExpressYourself said...

HaHa!! Way cute!!

Linds said...

Such a little cutie. So glad I can look at your blog now with your permission. For warning, I love to leave comments. Therefore, you have to leave them on mine, muahahaha!! JK!!