Last Kids Party

I know that you have all heard enough about the amazing friends we made down in Portland but I have to add just one more post. This post has nothing to do with me or the girls I came to love in Portland, this post is all about the boys.

What a wonderful experience it has been for them to grown up just 50 feet away from two of the most amazing little girls in the world. The Wagner girls are like family to us and have been since day one in Portland, I have always loved that Miles loves Erica and follows her around like a puppy, while Erika loves AJ and just can't say good-bye with out a hug or two....or three, AJ is to busy trying to win Megan's heart to give Erika the heart felt hug she is looking for, and Megan is simply Megan. Sweet to everyone and loved by all.

Then there's the Clayton boys. For a long time we had no boy friends to play with at all but Ben and Luke changed all that. Sure some days where better than others but seriously these boys where four peas in a little pod. Watching them play was always so entertaining. By the time we moved home AJ and Ben where pretty attached, so sad to break up the party!

Here we are with ALL of our wonderful little friends living it up one last time. Pictures by Michelle Cervo, thanks Chell!


lynz said...

stinkin love those pics!!!!!! man i miss all those kiddos and especially my little poytress boys! love it all :)
ps - beckam just said "hey…..i know that kid. that's aj and he's my friend that i miss soooo much!" too cute

Andrea Johnson said...

I love these picture. Michelle did a fantastic job. I'm so sad that we had to miss the kids party! You have some fun boys!