Festival of Trees.

This year we couldn't get the husbands out to the Festival of Trees so we just made it a Mommy/Kiddy date day! It was Me, Cole, and Holly, with all 6 kids and we only had one major melt down (throw especially for me by little of Miles) Here we are heading in to meet the Wagner girls,

Baby's first bear paw at the festival of trees.

The trees where beautiful but who are we kidding these kids did NOT come for the trees. We where here for five reasons. Firstly, to see the big guy. Yes we sent our letters in WEEKS ago but a little face time is always a good way to make sure he got the wish list ya know?

Look how big these two have gotten over the last 3 and a half years! I have no idea where the time went.
Reason number two: TEDDY BEAR HOSPITAL. every year the kids get to pick out a new teddy bear, name it, take it to get bandaged up, look at his x-rays, even stitches if they want. It's so fun, plus we get to see what fun names they come up with for their bears, this year it was Rudolph (AJ), Do-Dah (Miles), and Nater (Nate). Don't judge me I was just trying to get the line moving, who doesn't want to share their name with their teddy bear?

 You'll notice that there is no picture of Miles with his teddy bear...Do-duh was in the bag and miles had moved on to the third reason we where here. The cookies!!!!!
Off to the cookie stand! Here you get the ice your own cookie and sprinkle and enjoy! Which miles did.....TWICE!

Trying for a third.....Not today buddy!
Okay reason number 4: The trains. Do your kids ever remember things that even YOU have forgotten about? Well AJ has a fantastic memory and from the moment I told him we were going to the Festival of trees all he has been able to talk about are all the cool trains they have on display. Every year there is a gentlemen who brings out his toy trains and sets them on display for children and grown-up to enjoy, and boy do my boys enjoy it! I believe that AJ would have stood there all day if the option was given to him.

Nate was less intressted in the trains and more focused on Coles sholder. He love his little perch and basically spent the afternoon trying to soak her whole shirt. Good think your so cute Nate or Cole might not have put up with all your drooling!

And the 5th and final reason we came to the festival of trees was to take the tour through the ambulance. Unfortunately the line was too long so we told the kids we'd come back and when we did.....LUNCH BREAK! Miles little heart was broken, enter tantrum, and I ended up having to carry my sad crying little man out to the car with no tour. Sorry buddy!

Side notes: Favorite tree was this one with the Grinch shoving it up!

I like the smell of new born diapers, SO!?!


Holly Lujan said...

Oh, the good old days....where have they gone?? Who will I go to the Festival of Trees with next year??

lynz said...

yay for christmas posts……finally! can't wait for more :)