So what if the kids aren't here????

Just because we are two grown women does not me that we can't enjoy a night out at the nickel arcade! Seriously, who says you have to have your kids with you anyways? It's way funner when you just get to be the kid! ha ha ha.

Alright so this is Holly:

Here's the 411 on my girl Holly. First up, She's American. like..........AMERICAN! She loves her some America, in fact she has never even left the country! Don't worry she will be making her way up notth in the next 12 months or so. They just need some, passports!

She is married to Dan and they are joined at the hip. I think if it was socially acceptable Dan would be at all the girls nights, baby showers, etc. and Holly would join him at the office each day. lol, they are a perfect pair in so many ways!

Next she makes dang cute babies! Well so far just Luke but seriously how could the next one not be just as adorable when Lukey came out so PERFECT!

Holly recently changed from fan to FANATIC when it comes to all things Disney/Pixar. This girl would live in Disneyland if that was allowed. And I am pretty sure her, "mansion on high" is shaping up to look just like Cinderellas castle. lol.

She's a sucker for sweets, not that I would know anything about that! And she can bake to perfection, many a recipes have come from Holly. Raspberry bars....enough said.

Alright so she is seriously one of the best friends I have or will ever have. When we talk about our Portland family, this here is my sista!!!! I love the Lujans and feel like the time we spent together in Portland has changed my life forever because it brought them into my (our) life. Holly and I get along so good, there is nothing I wouldn't do for her or go to her with. I know she will always be there for me and love me unconditionally as I will her, and one day we will visit DISNEYLAND together!!!!!!! (It's happening!)

Before leaving for Canada Holly wanted to take me for a date night.  First we hit up a great stake house for happy hour. We had salad, stake bits, breads, and Fancy drinks. It was so good and the prices where unbelievable!

(Can you tell we have both been practicing our make-up tricks from Nicole!?!)

Then it was off to the nickle arched. AWESOME BLOSSOM!!! We had the best time playing all the games and getting as many tickets as we could. We had the place to ourselves, aside from a creepy guy who came in at the end, and it was perfect! These balls where worth like 80 tickets or something and I just keep winning them. Holly on the other hand when right for the real thing, TICKETS! She had obviously been here before!
(What a horrible angle! but whatever, this is my body right!)

And then......THE CASH IN!
This was one of the funnest date nights I've had in a long time (sorry Poy!) and it is a night I will always remember with you Holly. Love ya!


Linds said...

Awwww. I love me some Holly too. Lots and lots. And it's been way way too long since I've had a Holly fix.

Holly Lujan said...

S'bout time :) No, just kidding! Thanks my friend. I miss you SO much and this reminded me of that cold dark day in December when I had to say goodbye to you, but now I am looking forward to that bright, sunny April day when I get to see you again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lynz said...

i love me some holly too! haha such a fun holly/lace girls night :) miss both of you so so soooo much!