Sleep overs....

As a parent I wasn't quite sure how to feel about sleepovers. I remember loving when my friends would spend the night and usually having a blast when I spent the night somewhere else. Sleepovers are deffinatly something  I want my kids to enjoy during their childhood but in todays world you have to be so protective and careful with your children. Fortunatly for us we have great friends we love and trust and who feel the same way about us and so we invited Ben Clayton for..... A SLEEPOVER!!!!

I was a little nervous for him but Ashlee thought he would great and they had been talking about it for so long we at least had to TRY, right!? Everything went so well, they had movie night with popcorn, played with the toys, had THREE bedtime stories and then played around until about 9:30. Not bad considering when I went to sleep as a child on sleepovers, ha ha ha/

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lynz said...

i never thought i'd see the day when a new post popped up on your blog! yay and yay for sleepovers too and yay for the day that our kids get to sleepover too :)