Learning from the Master.

This Girl! Beautiful, Talented, Driven, Mother, Wife, and to me a very dear friend. Nicole has been one of my very closest friends ever since I moved to Portland and I am going to be lost without her when I move back to Canada.

When Lorraine and I went down to Portland to look for a place to live it was Nicole who came up and introduced herself to me at church and told me all about Sandstone and how I just HAD to live there. Boy was she right!!!!! Without her direction, and letting us drop her name, we never would have gotten into our apartment and experienced the shear Joy and happiness that we discovered in Sandstone living! After that we were pretty much inseparable. I love this girl so much and truly look up to her in so many ways. She is a wonderful mother and wife, Oregon's most amazing make-up artist (not just my opinion go check her out! here), and a crazy fast running fool!!!!

Nicole likes me too and so she wanted to do something special for me before I made my way back to the great white north. She never told me what the plan we, she just TOLD me to be at her house Tuesday night at 8:00 and so I was. Nicole had invited my very best girls and me over for a night of treats and an official make-up lesson. This is something I have been wanting to do forever!!!!! Over the past few years Nicole had done my makeup more times that I could count and I would give anything to have some clue as to how she makes me look so darn good. Well tonight I get it.

Make-up lessons are not cheap and it is SERIOUS business! After getting some beautiful brushes (apparently I shouldn't have been doing it with my fingers for the past 15 years???) and new Mac make-up form my friends it was time to get down too it. We all got out our make-up, pen, and paper and started. Everything we learned was so interesting and I SWEAR I am going to do all I can to remember everything that I learned tonight and to keep up this amazing look. THANK-YOU NICOLE, i had the best time tonight and made memories that will always stay with me. Love you so much.

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Nicole Wagner said...

when did you post this?

aww thanks Love! I love you too and it was a VERY FUN NIGHT!!!
MISS YOU!!! 25 days!!!