Black Friday!

That's right, today I got up and ran my first 5K, then had a big thanksgiving dinner with friends and moved right into BLACK FRIDAY!

I love black friday, it is one of the best nights of the year for me and I usually get all my chrsitmas shopping donein one night. It was a little hard this year faceing it without Lynz but I had two of my very best Girls, Bex and Ash, to keep me company and help me deal with my Lynz being gone.

We started off the cold night by heading out to Toys-R-Us at 7:00, doors opened at 9:00 and we wanted to make sure that we got everything we needed. It was really cold but we were rigth near the frint of the line so I pulled up the van and we spent the next few hours watching Youtube and visiting in the nice warm van. So fun!
We also hit up all teh stores at clackimus and ended up waiting in the movie theater to stay out of teh cold. lol, we thought the mall opened at 10 but it didn't open till 12:00, that gave us just enough time to race home, nurse Nate, and get back for the big shove to get in the doors. It was during this time that Ashley told us that she was......PREGNANT!!!!! Oh my gosh so exciting! They will now be a family of 5 and even though Ash wasn't feeling at the top of her game she still wanted to come out and live it up with us. Can't wait to meet the newest little Clayton baby!

We did great and got all teh amazing deals but most importantly I had a wonderful time pulling an all nighter with some of my favorite friends. Love you girls!

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lynz said...

:( so wish i was there!!!!! and can't believe you're just blogging it! haha love it and love that you pulled the van right up there! can't wait for this year's all nighter!