Thanksgiving with the Lujans

Since Holly, Dan, and little Luke have family in OR we never get to spend the real holidays with them but that doesn't mean that we can't fake it! this year we decided to turn our regular Sunday dinner into and early Thanksgiving dinner. IT WAS AWESOME! This was my second time cooking a turkey but the first time I had Lorraine with me so it doesn't really count. I was really nervous but in the end, I DID GREAT! It was so delicious, especially next to mashed potato's, Holly's buns, jello, and of course apple pie! 
 If my boys were stuck on a dessert island and could only pick one food to take with them.....It would be Holly's buns!!!! they are so good, we will miss them when we are in Canada!

 Lujan boys enjoying the celebration

 I make it, Poy carves it!
 we are missing Dan and Nate in this picture but here's the rest of us:

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