Did you know I run?

Alright I know that you must think this post is Aaron writing or something but its not! This is Lacey and I am not a runner! I am a baker. I love baking cookies, scones, cakes, cupcakes, bars, and all manner of delicious deserts. In fact baking is what I am know for, I can't tell you how many people now have "Lacey's pancakes" in their recipes box. But I don't want to be remembered as the pudgy girl who always had the best treats, I am more than that and I will not let my sugar addiction rule my life any more!

Obesity runs in my family in the most unfortunate way. We are tiny little girls in high school, lose our baby weight in the early 20's relatively fast, and then out of no where our metabolisms just gives up right around 30. After a life time of mindless snaking, out eating the running back in a pizza eating contest, and NEVER having anything to do with sports or physical activity............ BAM! The weight hit me like a brick wall, I swear I can't even look at a cookie without gaining weight now a days.

My grandmother passed away in her mid 60'a after complications from a hip replacement due to her obesity. I have watched my mother and aunts struggle in their own weight loss battles, and to be quite honesty obesity has always been one of my biggest fears.  I have never admitted this before but I have always felt like it is only a matter of time before I "put on the weight." It's like knowing you have a final exam in school tomorrow that you haven't studied for, in fact I fell like I haven't even taken the class! My metabolism is going to slow down and I have no idea how to eat a healthy diet and I have NEVER had anything to do with excesses, I am so unprepared!

Here's the good news: I hate soda, juice, and could honestly live the rest of my life without ice cream and be fine. I have a great support system and access to a gym that is fully equip. The bad news: I love chocolate and want to continue baking, even if its just for others. I have three little boys who get up at 6AM everyday and plan on being pregnant at least once more, and I hate fish! I know it is good for you but I just can't do it, trust me I have tried! I get so discouraged every time I find a new healthy eating site or book that is just packed with fish recipes and nothing else, grrrrrr...... Also I am a carbaholic! I have no idea what people are talking about when they talk about good and bad carbs, "What do you mean these  butter pretzels are empty carbs????? They taste pretty filling and delicious to me!"

So I am taking charge! My baby is three months old and I have started running 5 times a week, working out 4 times a week, and doing everything I can to eat healthy. I am going to read a book called, "Releasing fat" by doctor Ray Strand to help me understand what carbs are all about and how to recognize the good from the bad. I have never been obese and the plan is to never be that way.

This was written in October but it is now November and I am happy to say that I have stuck to it and am losing the weight and still running. In fact on Thanksgiving day I got up and ran my first 5k!!!! Can you believe it, my neither. I still don't think of my self as a runner but I still get out there and do it and I actually finished my race in under 30 minutes! I felt like a million bucks!!!! Of course I had my main supports there with me, NICOLE  & AARON. They have both been so encouraging and supportive, when I thought I couldn't do it or wanted to quite they were always there urging me on and it ment the world to me. Thanks you guys!

 So what if we wanted to wear matching outfits, you got a problem with that??? It's not like we look the same in it at all so, Whatever!
 Here I am after crossing the finish line.....It was crazy! Seeing my family there and the wagners all cheering for me and showing their support and just knowing that I had actually completed something that I had set my mind to, AMAZING! I think I might be hooked.
They also had a 1K race for the kids. AJ, Megan, and Ericka all got their sports gear on and headed out for the race. They were so excited and loved getting to go out there together and run their little hearts out. I was so proud of them!

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Nicole Wagner said...

such a GREAT GREAT day! will never forget it!!
and you are DOING AWESOME! you need to do a NEW POST and update everyone on your 10K!!!!