American Thanksgiving

It is so crazy to think that this will be our last Thanksgiving in America! Just a few more weeks and we are moving back to Canada, so get ready for all my "last" posts! This year we are having Thanksgiving dinner with the Wagners and a family of three who are new in the ward, the valaskes. After our morning run we ended up getting home a little late and having a much needed family snuggle and nap in the living room and then RUSHING around to try and get everything done in time. Good thing I was only in charge of desert, veggies, and the potato's.

Steve made another amazing turkey this year. He de-boned it, wrapped the dark meat in the breasts, brine it, Browne it, then smoked it. SOME DELICIOUS! I would give anything to have a turkey sand which right now! Yummy! The kids loved it to but I think the highlight for them was the Apple pie and my first ever home made baked cheesecake. It was a pumpkin cheese cake with ginger snap crush and Cinnamon whip cream. I was pretty proud at home well it turned out actually.

Another Thanksgiving success, thanks everyone!

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