This is how we rock it

It is socrazy to think that these are our last few weeks in Portland. We have been busy playing with friends, enjoying the Hot Tub, playing at the park, and making memories. Here's some pictures from November. First up Little Nate. 

Nate has come into our home and made it even more complete than ever before. he is a great sleeper and currently sleeps on the ottoman right next to our bed for part of the night and then right in bed with us the rest of the night. I said I would never do that but we love all the snuggles and feel like they just grow up to dang fast to miss this precious time with them. His brothers are loving every minute with him and haul him around like hes just another toy.

   AJ is almost done done with school down here, we will all miss it. I love the preschool program he goes to and this year he has found a lot of friends in his class. Miles loves meeting AJs bus especially when its raining (almost everyday) and he gets to hold the umbrella.

Aaron is almost done school and he is pretty tired but the boys dont care! they sure keep him busy, even when hes napping.......they're all over him.
Miles is still being Miles. the other day he told me his "Canana bear to hot!" and this is where we found him.....

And I am still running! I thought for sure I would have giving up by now but my new goal is to run the 10K in the Lethbridge moonlight run this March so.....Guess I can't stop yet! ha ha ha, even in the rain when I come home looking like this! BA HA HA!

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