I have to tell you it has been really hard to pack the house and get ready for the big move WHILE trying to celebrate Christmas and keep up with all our fun family traditions. I love this time of year so much I couldn't just let it pass without at least trying to have a some-what normal Christmas. So we put up the tree and a few decorations, went to the festival of trees, got out our Christmas movies and music, went to the and Christmas party, and decorated gingerbread houses.

Here's a few fun "things" from our Christmas this year. First up, the ward Christmas party was GREAT! The primary did the nativity but AJ wasn't having it. He really enjoys going to primary every week, we've never really had a problem dropping him off and getting him to go but standing up in front of the ward to sing all the wonderful songs he's learned????NO WAY! I happen to have the Wagner girls with me on this particular night and they both went right up but now Age, Miles however, well he went right up! Of course he is still in nursery and doesn't know any songs but he loved being up there, in fact he was quite the show stopper. Oh Miles how I love you.

Eventually Megan convinced AJ to go up and he did great. I was so proud of him for getting over his shyness and going up there to sing. Plus he new all the words and did really well with everything. Love you buddy!

Aaron also got to play a very important roll this year. I guess the guy who was going to be Santa decided not to show up or something but lucky for them Aaron was there and just about the right size. HA HA HA, it was so fun to see him all dressed up and being Santa with all the kids in the ward. Our boys had NO IDEA and we actually quite upset that Dad was in the bathroom so long he missed Santa's visit. Megan new right away but kept it on the down low, she is growing up way to fast, love you Megs.

I also wanted to mention Miles's obsession with the, the, the.......THE GRINCH! He loves it. He just wants to sit and watch it all day, everyday. He switches back and forth between the cartoon version and the real one but if it's his turn to pick there is no question as to what it will be. We also love frosty and the Bernstein bears Christmas but we never really get around to those because the Grinch is CONSTANTLY going. This year I tried to introduce the Santa Clause movies but I just ended up watching alone, maybe next year!

So here we are decorating our ginger bread houses, which you can do without Nog, or as my boys have come to know it, Christmas Milk. I don't drink this disgusting beverage but it is something that Aaron and the boys thrall enjoy.
And as I am not much of a decorate myself, Holly and I made the Christmas cookies. Thanks for this wonderful shot Age!

Our works of Art, well to us anyways!

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