Canada Trip 2009 - The Book

Tuesday March 31st 2009

Turns out that deciding not to stop by Chelsie was a bigger deal than we anticipated. True, we had seen them last week at dinner but Chelsie was expecting us Monday afternoon and the next thing she knows we are calling from Fort Macleod to apologize for running out of time and not popping in.

Let me start at the beginning. Chelsie is a family history fanatic! She has a genuine love for her ancestors and is eager to share all the amazing stories she has uncovered with her friends and family. She has found, prepared, and taken many of her ancestors names to the Temple and is constantly searching for more.

After getting married I realized that Aaron was not only my husbands name but a part of his family history and a legacy he wished to pass on to his eldest son. Charles Aaron Poytress was the 3th Charles A. Poytress in his family line and the 7th to carry on the name of Charles.

When our son was born he became Charles Alexander-James Poytress, the 4th Charles A. Poytress, and the 8th Charles Poytress in Line. We were so excited to pass on his fathers name to him and hoped that one day we could help him to understand the history behind his name and what an honer it was to carry the name of his father & grandfather's.

We were not alone in seeing the importance in all his name could mean to him. Chelsie set to work immediately, looking through old journals, family history books, papers, the Internet, racking Aaron, Al, and Grandpa Chucks brains for all they the history they had to offer. She was determined to find out all she could about these men and dig up any pictures she could find to compose a book of our little boys History.

It was not and easy task to accomplish, especially with her crazy busy schedule but after two years she had done it! The book was complete and all of the sudden we were coming home and even stopping by for a visit!!! With AJ's second birthday just around the corner what a perfect opportunity to give the book to Aaron and AJ in person and share all her hard work with our family.

She paid extra to ensure that the books would arrive on the day of our visit, cleaned the house, and made sure that everything was perfect for the afternoon. She waited and waited..... called her mom to see if she new what time we would be there, and then the call came. It was us calling from Fort Macleod with our weak apologise and lame excuses. To us it was going to be a quick visit to say hi and catch up a bit, to Chelsie it was an afternoon to spend with our family sharing with us a book she had poured her heart and soul into. She was crushed but held it together on the phone.

The next day we started to realize what that afternoon meant to her and what we had taken from her by not stopping. As soon as Al got home from work at 1:00 he and Aaron decided that it was time mend the damage that had been done. AJ was sleeping and Aaron felt like this was something he wanted to work out with his sister alone. With flowers in hand and apologies in his heart Aaron arrived at Chelsie just 2 hours later. Tears were shed, hugs were shared, and all was forgiven as they poured over the pages of this new and wonderful piece of our family history.

She made a copy for the Charles Poytress's that are still around today which means we have two in our home. We would love to share this book with any and all who want to see it, it truly is amazing. We also want to let Chelsie know how much we love and appreciate all the hard work and long hours so spent on this book. She is such an important part of our family and there are so many things she inspires me to improve upon. You are an amazing sister(-in-law), mother, Daughter, and aunt to our little AJ. Without you this family just wouldn't be complete. We love you Chels!!!!

This is such a cute little poem, it made me cry! Maybe because the Poytress men pass down the name Charles or maybe because I am pregnant but I was seriously tearing up! I don't know if you can read it but it's so cute!

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Kels said...

wow. that is impressive. i'm glad you got it all sorted out-- what an amazing sister! that poem is really cute, i could read it, and also teared up (no, i'm not pregnant!) I love the cover!!!