Parent Weekend - Part 2

Since Mom and Dad haven't been here before we wanted to show them all our favorite spots in Portland. We immediately thought of Clackamus mall, I am sure you have heard me mention it a hundred times as have they. We did some shopping and found some great deals at JC Pennies. Dad & Dust got new suits and Grandma & Grandpa were able to do a little spoiling on their two favorite Grandsons.

After a CRAZY busy day shopping the deals and walking until our feet just about fell off Mom and Dad treated us to an amazing dinner at Claim Jumpers. We found Claim Jumpers when we first moved here and have really enjoyed the few meals we have been able to have there.

It's kind of like Montana's but without all the gimmicks and silly stuff on the walls. The service was great and the food was even better. It was so nice to not have to prepare and clean up a meal after our long day out, Thanks again guys!

Once we got home Beckam and AJ got ready for bed and spent some time playing with Grandma & Grandpa. I think that the end of each day, when we got home, was the Grandparents favorite time. They got to see the boys at home, in their own elements just hanging out. Here are a few of my favorite snap shots from the weekend. Dust and Lyndz have more with Becks in them, I only have a few on my computer,:(

Saturday was all about seeing the city and eating the good food. After picking up Kait from the train station Dust and Lyndz meet up with us at the original VOODOO Donuts down town. We have never been before but it supposed to be one of the greatest doughnut shops in the US, they even had it on the Amazing Race one season. It wasn't hard to spot, there was a line half a block long out side, but it only took us 15 minutes to get in, so not bad! The donuts were really good but I am not sure I would go back to that location. It was about the size of our bathroom and not nearly as clean, lol!

We also went swimming at the hotel pool. It was really cold so we spent the whole time in the hot tub, which was an awesome pee yellow color! That didn't stop us, down here we can't find a single pool that will let you take your kids (anyone under 16 years old) in the hot tub. Isn't that crazy!? AJ LOVES the hot tub as do I, I know that the signs say that you shouldn't go in if you're pregnant but my Doctor says it's okay after the first trimester as long as you don't let your core body temperature get to high.

Check out the awesome towels they have, not only were the Giant but they were also made of sand paper so you could exfoliate while drying off. HA HA HA!
Easter Sunday was great. Again AJ thought it was another birthday celebration but we tried to explain about the easter bunny, not luck! He also got a fun easter package from his Grandma, Grandpa, and Aunt Alaina up in Edmonton. Thanks Guys he LOVED it!

Dust and Lyndz we asked to speak in church, which I know was a little intimidating since it was "invite your friend to church day" but the did great! Dust said that there were 8 of his class mates who came and he went and had a chat with them after. They all seemed pretty impressed with his talk and his confidence in the gospil.

We has our traditional Ham and Funeral potatos and then some of Cindys awesome Blueberry banana Pie. It was great. After a relaxing evening it was time to say our good-byes to the Grandparents. We all tried to be strong but it was really heartbreaking to see them go. I just can't belive that I won't see them again until I am a Mother of TWO! I miss them already, can't wait for our next visitors! Let us know when YOU can make it!

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lynz said...

LOVE all those pics and yay for parents/easter weekend :) those are some super cute ones with aj and grandpa and gradma....awww!