Conference Weekend

I know that conference was last weekend but I wanted to take a minute to reflect back and tell you what an amazing experience it was for us this year.

After our busy trip to Canada and a 12 hour drive home Friday a weekend in seemed like the perfect plan. The house was clean and after a quick trip to Winco we were all stocked up to stay inside.

AJ was so excited to be home all he wanted to do was play with his toys and run around like a wild man. This can be a little distracting when watching general Conference but what can you do? For any of you looking for ideas here's mine.

* Invite a friend over (so their parents can have a little peace to enjoy conference too!)

* Assemble a fun little play center out on the deck, complete with snacks and music if possible

* Then lock them out! lol, they were right off the living room so we could see them the whole time but they LOVED it and we where were able to enjoy the morning session in peace. Of course AJ was sleeping in the afternoon so we got to hear that on too.

Sunday we kept AJ inside with us to enjoy a pancake breakfast and listen to the morning session. He did great and then napped for the afternoon. We also went on a few walks around the neighbourhood to enjoy the beautiful weather and hung out with Dust and Lyndz after our two weeks apart.

Conference was amazing! I love all the talks and felt so uplifted by the things that were shared. One of the main messages I got was, Yes, the economy is bad and people are suffering but things are not THAT bad! We all need to re-focus, find our eternal perspective, and start serving each other to accomplish the Lord will.

My goal after this conference is to become a more compassionate person. To seek out opportunities for service and actually act upon then. As Mom's we usually put our Kids and husbands first, always before ourselves, but I want to do more than serve my family. I want to put others first and serve the Lord with all my heart, might, mind, and strength.

I know that as we progress towards our eternal goals, serve our fellow man, and live the Gospel we can find true and everlasting happiness.

"Get of the side lines and practice what you preach!"
-President Uchtdorf

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Nicole Wagner said...

Brilliant idea! INITIALLY when Steve said Megan was playing with AJ during conference I ASSUMED he was there with her! lol guess not.
next year, we'll take AJ and lock them out on the deck for you:):)
thanks for treating my kids like your own.
love ya