Canada Trip 2009 - Last Day!

Thursday April 2nd 2009

Busy, Busy! Today is our last day in Canada which means we packed up our suitcases one last time said good-bye to my parents, and headed into town. After dropping off our tax papers to Lana, stopping in at the Bank, and picking up a few Canadian treats we wanted to take home with us we made our Way to Hutch and Kim's house.

The Orr's were the only friends we had left to see and we wanted to make sure we had plenty of time to visit. Not only were they our last friends to see but also our last new little baby to meet. Rylan is the newest little member of the Orr family and boy is he cute. Him and Hayden look a lot alike, you can defiantly tell they're brothers, but Rylan has his own little look to him. Unlike Hayden, Ryland has decided to grow hair right off the bat! He has lots of dark hair but his eyes seem to be staying blue. What a little stud!

Hayden and AJ had no problems playing together again. The have always played well together and seemed to have even more fun now that they are both walking, running, sharing, and big enough to play together. Hayden was showing Age all his cool toys and how to climb up on all the furniture. Let me tell you that boys got one strong melon, he'll fall and get a pretty good smack on the head and just keep playing.

Dinner was great and Hutch and Kim seem to be doing well. The Car business seems to be keeping hutch busy, which is great to hear in our unsteady economy, and he really seems to enjoy the work. He also has a few different bike trips coming up this spring that are sure to be a blast.

Kim is looking great already, I can't believe that she has lost so much pregnancy weight so quick! I hope I look as good as she dose after I've had two babies! Adjusting to two kids has gone really well for her, she seems so on top of everything. Ryland is a great baby as far as sleeping and eating goes so that was a nice surprise for Kim.

At 8:30 we crawled back in the car to made our way to Fort Macleod for the last time. We wanted to be there a little earlier so we would have more time to hang out, but when has the time ever stopped us from hanging out before!? AJ was tired but as soon as we arrived he started to work on grandpa to go play with the Toys.

Since it was just 2 days till AJ's birthday Grandma, Papa, and Amber wanted to give him is presents a little early so they could watch him open it. AJ had no complaints, lol.

Here we have a card, I can't read Dad let's move on!

Not to fast now, nice and slow, don't want to rip that paper. Umm.. are you awake!?!

A New blanket!!!!! He love this Blanket, it goes on his bed and he makes sure we bring it out each morning to snuggle with on the couch. Isn't it cute?

Thanks Grandma! Thanks Papa!

We put AJ down at 10:30 after some lego time with Grandpa and then played 10 000 with the Poytress's for and hour or so. We really love that game and could have played all night except for the fact that we needed to get up at 5:00!

The next morning the whole everyone got up to see us off. Al made toast, Bacon, and Eggs to start our day off right and it certainly did just that, yummy bacon! At 5:45 we woke up AJ and gave everyone their good-bye hugs before setting out on our long journey home.

We had rain and snow until Spokane and then thing cleared right up. The closer we got to home the greener and warmer it became. It was a long trip home and we spent so much time on the road that about 2 hours from home AJ patience finally wore out! He was sad, mad, grumpy, whinny, and irrational all in one. It made that last leg of the journey seem impossibly long but at 5:00 finally rolled back into our own parking spot!!!

Dust and Lyndz had brought over some pasta, milk, muffins, and treats to welcome us home. It was so good to see them and hold little Becks again! He had grown so much in just two weeks I can't wait for the Grandparents to see him again, he will seem like such a big boy to them. They also made a welcome home sign which I, once again, did not take a picture of!

AJ was a wild man that night, running around the house, jumping on his bed, getting out all his toys he had forgotten about, and wearing Dad out. Visiting home was great but after our crazy busy week it sure felt good to curl up together on our own couch and watch some office.


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