Hello from the Night crew

Hey Blogging world,

Just me, Lacey, saying a quick hi to everyone else out there in the world who is up at 2:00AM. Hi Jared. Quite a different little world we live in during the night, quiet, peaceful, full of kicking babies and heartburn.

After having just the awesomest dream complete with being a co-wife to two of my friend, getting re-married in a department store while 9 months pregnant, having my son stolen, and of course Grandma calling with an Emergence..... needing me to take her to re-new her Costco membership, which I then did. In my wedding dress. I woke to raging heartburn and a baby that seems to have the mambo stick in his/her head.

Let me just tell you that I was totally bummed to remember that not only am I out of Zantac but earlier today I found AJ playing with the few tums I had left just in time to see him sneeze all over them. Delicious! Can anyone guess what were running to the store for tomorrow? lol.

Anyways here I am, camped out on the couch with the Gilmore Girls, praying that I might doze off before to to long. So enjoy it people, all the pregnant and new Mom's out there are cruelly aware of how precious those sleep hours really are, lol.



lynz said...

uh oh...that's no fun! quite the dreams though i must say :) thanks for including us all in your little nighttime fun and good luck tonight!

Nicole Wagner said...

I'm seriously laughing my butt off! you are SO funny! nice dreams...????um a bit crazy huh? gotta love those preggo nights.


Joshua and Joy said...

That is one crazy dream. I have lots of those during my pregnancy too. Half the time, that's how I know I actually fell asleep. --I can totally sympathise with the kicking and the heartburn. I sleep sitting up at least 80% of the night. Tums and Zantac don't even touch it really. And I dare say this kid is more active than Versii was.

Lorraine said...

Hey, Lacey, you forgot that I was up at 2:00 am too! Call me next time you can't sleep.