Friends at the Zoo

With all the beautiful weather we just couldn't help but head to the Zoo! Julie called me last week to say she was in major need of some out of the house at the zoo and today worked out perfect. It was 28 here today, not a cloud in the sky or a breeze to speak of, which made for a pretty busy day at the Zoo.

As usual we were all at least 15 minuted later than we planned on being but we all arrived within 5 minutes of each other so it worked out great. We had 7 Moms and 11 kids today which I think in our biggest group yet.

Since we hit traffic on the way Becks was a little fussy and decided he was not at all into the Zoo. Lyndz spent the first 15 minutes tiring everything teething gel, stroller, his favorite toy, pushing the stroller WHILE holding him! Doesn't she look happy? Finally she pulled out the bottle and it was nothing but smiles after that!

The kids had a great time together exploring the Zoo grounds and watching the different animals play. I have never seen two kids play as well as Megan and Jake. She just loved to follow him around and see his crazy ideas unfold and he sure doesn't mind the audience, he he he.

Here is the highlight of AJ's Zoo trip. He found a stick and kept it in the stroller for while he was riding, then every time he got in he would drag it on the ground. I wish I would have discovered this cheap by awesome form of entertainment BEFORE his birthday!

Also this is the new face AJ dose all the time. Whenever you ask him a question he pretends that he is "thinking"up the answer and makes this face. He also dose it when he gets grumpy or tired.

We got to the Elephants just in time to see them take their family bath. They were so cute playing in the water together. I am not sure who enjoyed it more, the kids or us Mom's. I know you have all seen Elephants a hundred times but I had to post a few pictures.
Once the boy's both happy we decided to take a few pictures with them. I haven't done a weekly post but we have been pretty good at taking pictures with the kids every week.

This was one of our funnest days at the Zoo so far. The weather was perfect and with all the kids there to run around together they really tuckered each other out. AJ hasn't been going to bed very well (post to come) and so he was pretty tired on the way home. He was basically asleep but when we asked if he was ready to go home for a nap he would make his face and say, "AJ WAKE!" and then doze off again. He then cried for 15 minutes in his crib before giving in! Why fight it when you are so exhausted? Kids!


lynz said...

love this post! such a great mix of pics and comments, and it really was one of the best days we've had with the weather and fun of portland :) can't get enough of aj's sleeping picture too! haha

Kels said...

i am dying over aj's "thinking" face. it is awesome. your preggo pics are super cute too, i can't believe you are 7 months already!!! wow. you look great!

The Fullmers Three said...

How Fun! I love the zoo!